About us

Annick Petersen
alp design is a studio led by Swiss born London based interior architect and designer Annick L Petersen.
Annick has acquired a lot of insight and experience while working for different interior design companies in London specialising in top end hotels and residential projects in the UK and abroad, the work ranging from complete refurbishment all the way to designing bespoke furniture.
In 2009 Annick set up her studio alp design. The company is working  mainly on residential projects and developing a range of products including furniture, rugs, lighting, soft furnishing and accessories for the interior.
Every alp interior project is unique to suit each client's lifestyle. We are always very attentive to specific requirements or aesthetics and provide a design suited for each individual situation. We love design and enjoy finding clever solutions to possible challenges.
The alp products are simple, elegant, thoughtfully designed and manufactured using beautiful materials. The use of different materials such as wood, metal, marble and leather is an inspiration in itself by experiencing each material's qualities and weaknesses which then develops into new thoughts and ideas.

Annick has a hands-on approach to her design and enjoys working with leather, textile, screen printing and marble. The wood work and metal work are done by experienced craftsmen to an outstanding quality.

Being inspired by the past and trying to bring a sense of innovation to her design while being aware of its sustainability is what keeps Annick excited and motivated to always try harder and find better solutions. 

Annick says: 'I always try to give each of my projects the possibility to provoke an emotion, to transform a space.'

The alp products will complete your interior design project and bring an elegant and unique style to your home as well as to any retail or hotel environment.